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Center of Excellence (CoE)


Bastex's CoE has strong faith in delivering quality training and up gradation of skills that have a direct and measurable impact on employees’ job performance.


Knowing very well that training is an integral part of the organization’s overall planning process and is in line with its goals, Bastex's CoE- trainers aid the organizations to handle the employees by addressing the issues like lack of skill sets, lack of motivation, stress management by imparting adequate need-based teaching and training to have a positive impact on key performance indicators. 

Corporate Training Programs

Being a conglomerate of experts of related fields We provide customized, live, flexible need-based training through programs designed based real-time situations in the organizational environment and comprehensive solutions since it is committed to organization’s success.

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Retail Business Training

Bastex will provide customized, live, flexible need-based training  designed based real-time situations to all levels of staff in fashion retail industry with the support of a team of  experts from retail business s and professors from fashion business institutions.

Institutional Training

Bastex provide education and training to thousands of learners at educational institutions who are prospective employees and leaders of organizations across the globe through effective teaching and training programs which include domain expertise, effective communication, soft skills and interpersonal skills.

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