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Bastex caters the needs of Apparels, Fashion Retail and Textiles Businesses and Enterprises.

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Who is Bastex?

Bastex is a burgeoning sourcing and solutions providing company established in 2016 which offers customized services to Apparel and Textiles sectors in India and abroad which include Apparel and Textiles manufacturing, Home-Textiles, Corporate-Textiles, Fashion Retailing and related businesses and enterprises. The key areas where Bastex supports related organizations are Solution Providing, Sourcing and Sharing of Knowledge through our Centre of Excellence.

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What Bastex Do?

Bastex provides customized business solutions spanning varied business domains and entrepreneurial ventures in the Textile and Clothing sector, offers services include Sourcing, Solution providing through Consultation and Sharing of Knowledge through Training and Development which cater to the needs of Fashion Retail, Apparel, Home Textiles Businesses and Institutions.

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Why Bastex?

Bastex has a unique network of experts from the field of Textile, Apparel, Fashion and Retail business to provide appropriate solutions to clients’ needs by understanding their problem and frame of reference in all walks of Textile and Clothing industries right from manufacturing till fashion retailing. Bastex takes the responsibility of sourcing thereby cutting costs incurred by the organizations who seek sourcing support.


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