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Who would succeed must thus begin: first let him ask
the thoughts of them who thoroughly know the task

                                                                          - English Couplet 677(Thirukkural)


Bastex provides customized business solutions spanning varied business domains and entrepreneurial ventures in Clothing and Textile sectors. Bastex offers cutting edge industry solution to its clients in textile, apparel, fashion and retail industries. Bastex's team of experts offers deep domain expertise in designing, manufacturing and processing of textile products. Bastex plays an advisory role in marketing team of apparel and textile companies and helps to formulate and implement new marketing strategies. Bastex identifies trends and requirement of new innovative products in the market and provide a plan for appropriate marketing mix. Bastex suggests its client use of appropriate technology such as customized software package to enhance productivity ultimately profitability of the organization. Also, takes responsibility of monitoring effective utilization of software and training of staff etc.

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Baskaran Devanesan

Prof. Baskaran, is a renowned professional who has three decades of experience in Academic and Administrative areas of Textile and Apparel Education and Businesses and founder and Director of Bastex Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. He has mastered both in Textile Technology and Business Administration. In addition, acquired Post graduate certificate in Higher Education from Nottingham Trent University UK and a Professional certificate in Working Adult Education from Laureate International University, the USA. Prof.Baskaran had coordinated with several Textiles, Apparel, Fashion Retail, and related companies and recruited more than thousand students in various positions in India and abroad.

Prof.Baskaran has been associated with Textile and Apparel Industries in India as Adviser/Consultant offering Management, Technical and Manpower consultancy services and conducting various career development programs and customized training and workshops to employees at all levels in related domains of organizations. Prof. Baskaran established Bastex Consultancy Services Private Ltd in the year 2016 to offer professional services to Apparel, Textile, and Fashion retail businesses and manufacturers and being successfully steering Bastex with the backing of network of his own ex-students.

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