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  • Baskaran Devanesan

Know your Apparels...

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

Whenever you buy apparels or fashion products, you are supposed to understand the price worthiness of the products that purchased. You need to spend some more time inside the retail showroom and talk with the fashion executive about the products or if you purchase on e-commerce platform read and understand more about the products. The real benefit of this way of shopping, if you give it a try, is not just buy apparel you like but also you understand the relationship between benefits of apparel purchased and its price worthiness.

Apparel categories include men’s wear, women’s wear and kid’s wear, under garments, corporate wear, sportswear etc. and the Apparel manufacturing and retailing includes Fashion designing, Product development, Fabric and accessories sourcing, merchandising, garments production, Quality assurance. Retailing, Visual merchandising etc.

To understand the benefits of a specific apparel category, it is imperative to know more insights about the materials being used for manufacturing it and relationship between characteristics of materials and end use of the apparel. For example: Mostly Cotton Fibers used for producing under garments.

This Blog is going to share initially the characteristics of some important textile fibers and their relationship with end use of apparels as KYA-Series posts. (Know Your Apparels).

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